The object for which the association is established are:-

  • To promote, safegaurd and protect the interest of sugar industry, its trade, commererce and practices connected therewith mainly in private sector sugar factories located in Western part of India.
  • To create public opinion and disseminated correct information about the working of the industry by mean of publication of the literature, through exhibitions and press and other media.
  • To collectively represents various technical difficulties & grivance before local, State or Central government authorities, Chambers of Commerce and other commercial, industrial, public bodies, International bodies, to urge or oppose government policy, legislation and other rules and to find out amicable or legal solutions for changeof law, rules policy and practice affecting the sugar industry in particular.
  • To encourage, develop, maintain friendly feelings and good relations amoungst sugar mills, amoung members of the association, between producers and cane growers, distributor and other sugar dealers in western India in general.
  • To orgnize, establish and start research & development work in sugar manufacturing process, development of other by-products and for such other purposes by foundations and endowment of professorship, fellowship, studentship or scholarships or by encouraging research work, or in any such form.
  • To collect, analise, store, interchange, disseminate, circulate, publish, extend statistical/commercial/technical knowledge and information connected with sugar industry in India and assist, help, support the members & others in the technical, commercial, financial, legal, managerial & administrative & other related matters.
  • To educate, train, assist, guid, consult, advice member sugar factories, peoples engaged in the industry by holding discussions or correspondence, lectures, seminars, meetings, conference, convention, training programs, study tours, exhibitions, or through publication of newspaper, periodicals or journals, book or maps, formation of libraries.
  • To accept any contributions, gifts, donations or subscription towords or to accumulate and provie a fund or an endowment, and to invest the same and apply the income therefrom, or to resort to the capitalisation thereof for any of the objects of the Association.
  • To affliate, amalgamate, merge, takeover, admit to membership, aid and to receive aid from any other society, association, foundation, trust, company, corporation, firm, partnership, or person promoting or formed or intended to promote any of objects of the Association and to subscribe to or provide financial and administrative aid to any of them for mutual benefit.
  • To subscribe, to become a member of and to co-operate with any other Indian or Foreign associations , appex bodies, whether incorporate or not, whose objects are altogether or in part similar to those of this Association and to procure from and to communicate to any such Association such information as may be likely to forword the objects of this Association.
  • To institute, prosecute, defend, contest and presents, settle, contest and present, represents, settle, compromise or to submit to arbitration on behalf of association and/or any all of the members of the Association any suit, appeal, revision, review or petition before any civil/criminal, appellate court or labour Tribunal, income tax or sale tax authorities and to engage solicitors, barristers, advocates and pleaders for the purpose & also to sign and verify plaint, written statement, petition, memorandum of appeal other documents, statement etc.
  • To amicably settle orgnizational problems, arbitrate in settlement of disputes arising out of commercial transactions between parties willing or agreeing to abide by the judgement and decision of the Tribunal of the Association.
  • To ensure welfare & well-being of various sections of the people engaged in the business of sugar mills and sugar factories.
  • To do all such other things as may be conductive to the development of sugar industry or incidental to attainment of the above objects or any of them.